Thursday, 1 August 2013

Kiko nail polishes

I've recently returned from a trip to France and whilst I was out there, I discovered a brand of make up I'd never heard of before; Kiko Make up Milano. I was really impressed by the store - the counters were full of colour coordinated make up and everything was very fairly priced. What really caught my attention was the nail polishes - they were lined up on shelves, all colour coordinated perfectly. These are the four shades I picked up:

317 - Dark antique pink

224 - Dark pearly copper

381 - Purple grey 

217 - Antique pink

The nail polishes are in my opinion very impressive for only 2.50. You only need two coats for a completely opaque finish. The finish is so shiny that it's not really necessary for a top coat. I've been wearing the shade 224 for almost a week now without a top coat or a base coat and have experienced very minimal chipping. I highly recommend anybody to go and check out their website . They are currently holding a very good sale so be sure to go and check it out soon!

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