Friday, 4 January 2013

Friday Favourites

It's time for Friday Favourites again. Oh and just a warning that most of these photos are taken from either Favim or Pinterest, photography websites with which I am obsessed!

Favourite Food

These cupcakes are so pretty! 

Taken from Favim

Favourite DIY

I must try this  in the summer, I think it's such a pretty idea and looks quite simple to make (probably not).

Taken from Pinterest

Favourite Hairstyle

I love this hairstyle! I think it's so different and I absolutely love it!

Taken from Favim

Favourite Song

I love this song, and will definitely be adding it to my workout playlist. 

Taken from Google Images

Favourite Picture

I took this picture from my mums bedroom window. 

Favourite Outfit

I love the simplicity but individuality of this outfit. The necklace just completes the outfit perfectly. 

Taken from Pinterest


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